Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Johan / Nytemare

Hello, I’m Johan, I’m the owner/operator of Around A Rainbow Ltd.

I created Around A Rainbow with the vision of having a safe space for Drag and LGBT+ Talent to perform and call home,

I have lots of experience as a Drag artist and performer, having done drag for 8 years, a Teacher’s diploma in Classical ballet and too many to count in classical music. I absolutely love helping people to bring the best out of them, costume designing and makeup styling.

My inspirations are avant-garde and Artpop

Naenae / Miss Sparkles

I’m Naenae, I have a background in social work, working in a number of community groups such as community gardens, feeding the homeless, and event coordinator for a number of events, such as suicide awareness and prevention.

I was the spokeswoman for the stopping the sales of HNZ houses.

I have a huge passion for building and growing communities, I decided I would join Around a rainbow because I believe in what they are trying to create, a safe place for all to show off talent.

I can not wait to see what the future will hold

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